Sponsored Fundraiser

Sponsored Fundraiser

WE’RE GOING GREEN – No Tickets Needed!!.

The Chateau Sponsored Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for local schools and non-profit organizations. Our fundraisers are open to schools as a whole or individual sports teams & clubs.

How It Works:

1. Contact Marge Medeiros, Marketing Coordinator, to pick a date.

2. . We will confirm the date of your event and send you an e-mail promoting your fundraiser so that you can send out to your group.

3. On the day of your event, visit the Chateau Restaurant for lunch, dinner or take-out and let your server or phone person know that you are participating in the fundraiser and to flag your check. When paying your bill, double check that the word "FUNDRAISER" is noted on your check to ensure your check is being included with your group’s event. If placing an online order, please be sure to enter the Coupon Code: FUNDRAISER so that your order will be flagged.

4. . After the event, Marge will contact you with your results. Your group will receive 20% of the total sales from all of the receipts that were flagged “fundraiser” for your group.