The Nocera Family presents: The Chateau Sponsored Fundraiser. We are providing a community outlet to local chapters of non-profit groups for fund raising. This is a great way to raise money for school groups and important community organizations that are often not financially supported to the extent of what is needed to succeed. Approved area nonprofit organizations are invited to select a date for supporters to dine at The Chateau or to bring home a Family Style Takeout for dinner, of which 20% of the 'total sale' is donated to that nonprofit group!

How It Works:

1. Pick a date Monday - Thursday at one of our eight locations.

2. We will provide tickets for your group to print distribute to anyone you would like to participate.

3. On the day of your event, arrive for lunch, dinner or order take-out from the Chateau Restaurant.

4. When paying your check, give the waitperson your ticket, which will be attached to your check. The Chateau Restaurant will contribute 20% of the total from all the checks turned in that day with your groups' ticket to your cause.

We are excited to contribute to your organization! If you are interested in booking please eMail your request and organization's 501(c)(3) number to Margaret Medeiros.

Thank you!